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"Mushroom Garden"  Northern California"Fallen Tree and Falls"  Russian Gulch State Park, CA"Waterslide"  Salt Point State Park, CA"Autumn Trees"  Sonoma County, CA"Backlit Sea Palms"  Mendocino County, CA"Bowling Ball Beach No. 1"  Schooner Gulch State Beach, CA"Intertidal Abstract No. 1"  Mendocino County, CA"Bird and Branches at Sunset"  Northwestern Montana"Intertidal Abstract No. 2"  Mendocino County, CA"Stones in Motion No. 1"  Mendocino County, CA"Stones in Motion No. 2"  Mendocino County, CA"Eye to Eye with a Gray Whale"  Baja California Sur"Surf and Rocks at Dawn" Mendocino County, CA"Gull and Background Surf"  Mendocino County, CA"White-tailed Deer on the Move"  Northwestern Montana